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Selling Needlepoint Stash

Note: Due to a large influx of canvases which need to be processed, canvases are currently not accepted. Thank you for your understanding.


As the tides ebb and flow, our tastes and life circumstances change. There are two options for selling your stash.


Option 1: Sell directly to Ebb and Flow Needlepoint. You will receive a check for 25% of  Ebb & Flow's resale listing price. Estimated resale listing prices on Ebb and Flow Needlepoint are 30% less than original/comparable market value.


Option 2:  Consign your needlepoint items through Ebb and Flow Needlepoint. Once the items sell, then you will receive a check for 60% of the sale.  Ebb and Flow Needlepoint takes care of photographing, listing, selling and shipping.

Ebb and Flow's three step selling process.

1. Fill out and print the "Sell my Stash" form. (You choose Option 1 or 2 at this point.)

2. Package items to be sold. Include printout of completed "Sell my Stash" form.

3. Send package with a tracking number.


Once your items are received by Ebb and Flow, you will then be sent an email communicating the estimated value of your needlepoint stash. If you choose Option 1  (selling directly to Ebb and Flow Needlepoint) then a check will be mailed to you after you confirm estimated value of stash. If you choose Option 2, then you will receive a check after the items sell. Items are listed for sale up to 6 months; they are either returned to you for a $10 fee or donated to charity.

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