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About Ebb and Flow Needlepoint

Who LOVES needlepoint? I do. Over the years, I developed a fascination with collecting and completing canvases. Frankly, I collected more canvases than a single person could ever complete. I knew from many other needlepointers that I was not alone with my "inventory issue", so I decided to create Ebb and Flow Needlepoint as a service to us all! Needlepoint, like the tides, has its own ebb and flow. Have your tastes changed? Has your needlepoint stash grown a bit overwhelming and needs some pruning? Do you enjoy the thrill of hunting for a new-to-you canvas? Needlepoint is the ultimate lifelong hobby with its textures, colors, designs, and sayings. Previously-owned canvases desperately want to find a new home, where they will be lovingly completed and become heirlooms for generations to enjoy. Ebb and Flow Needlepoint is here for you to either sell or buy unstarted needlepoint canvases.


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